How do I change my contact cell number?
Login to your account, Go to My Account and click on Edit Account
What can I do if I forget my account ID and email address?
Send us an email with your latest invoice number we will retrieve your account.
How can I protect my computer?
Use anti-virus software and keep it updated. | Keep all your software up-to-date | Check your security settings | Be careful opening email attachments | Don't install unfamiliar programs | Be wary of pop-up and email warnings Source:
How do I search products?
Its very easy to search products on our site, you search by Name, ASIN, UPC Code, EAN, Brand Name, etc.
How do I check Sellers rank of products
we provide sellers rank for each product, we try to keep it up to date as possible as we can, although you can also directly check on amazon we provide a link to amazon as well
Can I see check CamelCamelCamel data for products
Yes, you can directly visit CamelCamelCamel from product page, and from bulk order page, for each product.
Where can I get a copy of my Invoice ?
We will send you a Email with the attached invoice in a PDF format shortly after you place your order. as well, you can print your invoice from your account page. click on invoice number from your account page and print it.
Can I create an account without a phone number?
A valid phone number will help we reach you more efficiently. Therefore, we recommend that you enter your cell phone number when registering. Please rest assured that the information will be kept secretly.
I want to change my email, but I don't have access to my old one.
Please send us an email with your latest invoice number we will retrieve your account.
How to get more accurate search results?
1 - Only search for one product at a time. 2 - Avoid keywords that are too specific or specialized 3 - If the results are unsatisfactory, reduce the number of words in your search
Can you deactive my account please?
Please send us an email request.